Saturday, 01 de October de 2022

The Instituto de Educação em Valores Humanos (Institute for Education in Human Values) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in April 1993, with the objective of divulging this new vision of education, which prepares the student for life. In Brazil, it has graduated more than 35,000 people during its 20 years of existence. This was achieved with the promotion of numerous national congresses, besides seminars, lectures and support activities necessary to the information and training of teachers, as well as public administrators from many different spheres. The lessons are given in towns all over Brazil, and the support material, with teaching books and educational videos, many of which are available on this site, can be downloaded free by those interested. The Institute is directed by Gonçalo Vicente de Medeiros, who discovered the differential and the principles of EHV during a trip to India in 1991.