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II National Conference on Education in Human Values

In recent years, education has undergone a revolution. Are laws, projects and reforms in pursuit of excellence in teaching. In the midst of so many initiatives and attempts, aims to change the educational history of the country: the inclusion of awareness of human values in education. The matter was the subject of the Second National Congress on Education in Human Values, held days 9, 10 and June 11 in the auditorium of Cefet, in Maracanã.

Organized by the Institute of Sathya Sai Education, with support from HEADED LEAF, the event discussed the importance of educating for life and not for a living. In the opening lecture - An Introduction to Education in Human Values - Professor Gonçalo Medeiros talked about the importance of cultivating and transmitting human values.



Education in human values - The search for the third millennium

Once a week the parents replace teachers in the classroom. This was the routine in the last school year in the small town of Palotina, Parana. More precisely at the Municipal School Joaquim Monteiro. On this day, teachers gather to study human values and exchange experiences. The discipline that integrates the content of traditional subjects, is part of a new teaching which begins to be applied in various schools around the world. In Brazil, its adoption was facilitated by the new Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (LDB), which gives more freedom to compose their own colleges currículos.Na Paraná school that has classes from kindergarten to 4th grade, the principles of human values - truth, right action, peace, love and non-violence - are applied at all times and in all subjects. The guidance counselor of the Department of Education Palotina, Judith Sendtko told that teachers constantly seek to include the topic in their classes. "Teaching division, we can modify the problem formulation: a loving father who had two sons and wanted to divide equally among them ten apples ..." exemplified.


Palotina rescues human values

The Palotina has been highlighted in the application of a methodology that brings a new vision of education seeking to prepare the student for life. Education and Human Values discloses people's love, peace, non-violence, truth and right conduct, aiming to recover the values inherent in human beings. The program is unprecedented because it covers the entire city. Palotina is the only municipality with the difference of having extended the project to all sectors, and in most cities where it exists, is only applied in education.



Peace, love, truth and righteousness. These are some of the ideals sought by the Education in Human Values, a practice that is becoming more popular in schools and universities. The methodology arrived in the country in 1993, through the Institute of Sathya Sai Education, and aims to establish character and human excellence. "Education in Human Values teaches man to fill your heart with compassion, speak the truth and dedicate his body to the good of society," said the president of the Institute, Gonçalo Vicente de Medeiros. "We believe it is due to the absence of these human values as the country goes through trials today," he says.


O PARANÁ - Educational model rescues values

The educational methodology applied in most public schools in the country does not take into account principles such as the celebration of love, friendship, understanding and respect. A general concern of educators, mostly form is most concerned citizens only material concepts, preparing them for a highly competitive and cruel world. The result is the emergence of generations free from principles imposed by the fragility of human nature.


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