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Palotina rescues human values

Issue number 23

Palotina rescues human values
Project is innovative in the county to have spread to all sectors

The Palotina has been highlighted in the application of a methodology that brings a new vision of education seeking to prepare the student for life. Education and Human Values discloses people's love, peace, non-violence, truth and right conduct, aiming to recover the values inherent in human beings. The program is unprecedented because it covers the entire city. Palotina is the only municipality with the difference of having extended the project to all sectors, and in most cities where it exists, is only applied in education.

The methodology was developed in the Department of Education, through to mothers' clubs, and then to the Department of Works. As the results were positive, the city administration asked that the work be extended to other departments. Ie, all employees work and Values Education "Students themselves are receiving training and lead work to colleagues and family. So Palotina is all part of a project that was only education. Today, the whole city works human values, "says one of the coordinators of Marieni Pizzato Xaubet program.

The methodology points the way to achieve the objectives of this are worked five techniques: sit in silence, for the understanding of peace; chants, songs (for understanding of love), stories with good examples, so that the child begins to work the unconscious; plus quotes and gaming groups. As Marieni when the five techniques are worked together, they have a quick result.

According to her, today, which is not indiscipline in schools, children are trying to call attention to be noticed. Sathya Sai Baba, the creator of the methodology, in India in 1968, states that there are two rules to work, is the first teacher to be an example, and the second, the first rule is to experience, to be an example all the time.

According Marieni, Sathya Sai Baba noted that the Indian education system formed many doctors, but did not prepare them to serve the community. Noticed that people were not prepared for life. Thus was born the first school where the subjects were permeated by human values.

With the implementation of the methodology seeks to primarily people to learn to love yourself, accept yourself. There is a noticeable improvement in interpersonal relationships, learning, among other things. The project goal is being achieved, as another coordinator, Maria da Graça Bittencourt, "a lecture in a community, two mothers who had been through a gathering of human values, put that from that day began to change attitudes in relation to the family. that's the goal. from the time we get to make people reflect, we took a big step. One mother told me that when she changed attitudes to the child, he improved in school, "says Maria da Graça.

In CEMIC, she said 99% of cases of fights between peers that happened earlier this year ended.

The educational psychologist Darlene Carloto working directly says that children eat s already see changes in students. "The students get to see the qualities that he has." To the clerk of the Department of Transportation and Works, Arildo Lucyk, after implantation within the secretariat, the relationship between colleagues greatly improved. "We had difficulties in putting the team in operation today, there is a collaboration. They have initiative," he says.

In November of that year, the coordinators of the project go to Fortaleza, Ceará, take what is happening in the city. Making an exchange of experience, since there also exists the project. "


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