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O PARANÁ - Educational model rescues values

Supplement edition of August 29, 2002

Educational model rescues values
Oriental system succeeds and is copied by cities


The educational methodology applied in most public schools in the country does not take into account principles such as the celebration of love, friendship, understanding and respect. A general concern of educators, mostly form is most concerned citizens only material concepts, preparing them for a highly competitive and cruel world. The result is the emergence of generations free from principles imposed by the fragility of human nature.

Palotina is developing an unprecedented experiment that seeks to rescue those values, now almost lost. It is in this sense that the municipality follows such principles apply to an educational system that is a model for many countries, especially in the east. This is the "Education in Human Values" (EHV), first built in India method and that each day gets more worldwide repercussions. The system is used extensively in nurseries, schools and training courses devised by the city.

Municipality applied educational system
model is that in many countries


The project was so successful in Palotina that experience was brought to other areas of government such as departments and other departments of the municipal government. Today, what we see is a new arrangement of servers to fulfill the role that is due him, to serve well the population and provide conditions for the community to follow in the process of continuous development.


The system applied in Palotina EVH broke barriers and serves as an example to municipalities throughout the country by the amplitude of the results and the low cost of investment. One goal is to rescue lost over the years principles, an arduous task that can not be consolidated from day to night.


Palotina is experiencing a phase of achievements unmatched in history. "The projection of Palotina is something remarkable and it is a process whose path to victory is irreversible," concludes Rosane Riedi, Municipal Secretary of Industry and Commerce. Palotina is reference in the production of soy, wheat, corn and admittedly the most fertile land on the planet and valued.


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