Saturday, 03 de June de 2023
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We need collaboration for our dissemination work in three aspects:
You can help us ...

     With skilled labor: designer, computer graphics, illustration, writing musical score, researcher, professional filming, script development and video editing, desktop publishing, illustration of didactic material, dissemination by the media, drafting classes of examples, page designer the Internet, etc.
     Regional seminars, with the largest possible number of schools, involving, where feasible, municipal and state departments of education.
     Exchanging experiences. Giving suggestions, proposing, suggesting new ways. According to Veja (16/4/97) journal, while philanthropy is in the blood of Americans, and many of its institutions of education and research are maintained by individuals, the Brazilian is measured in philanthropic practice in both fund activities education as in donating their time and resources to charitable works.

Because of our characteristic, the non-profit work, focused on education, it is quite painful. Because all or paid staff salary, and things are done, or are seeking the assistance of people in their leisure time, and so the work goes only to the extent the goodwill of each.

To perform common activities of this Institute, depend often specialized work, and those around us do not always master the necessary techniques.

You want to participate?

Then fill in and send us the form below.

Rua Domingos Ferreira, 144/502
22050-012 - Rio de Janeiro-RJ