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Seminars 1997

"The strive is the duty of man, success or failure depends on God."
Sathya Sai Baba

Attended the seminar, held on 14 and 15 March / 97, the teachers of the Institute of Teacher Education Denizard Rivail and Educandário Spiritualist St. Augustine with 16 hours of workload. Advance, the direction of the institution was distributed to all teachers handout for Fundamental Concepts Program. The event was coordinated by Professor Manuel Cerqueira Pinto and Professor Vera Lúcia Gomes Cerqueira, directors of the two institutions.

On 17 March morning, with the presence of Professor Manoel, a meeting was held with the teachers of the Spiritualist Educandário St. Augustine, with the purpose of finding the mechanisms to effectively implement the program in all school activities.

In the afternoon, accompanied by Professor Vera, met with the Education Coordinator of the Municipal Education Manaus.

On the morning of Tuesday 18, accompanied by Professor Manuel and Mr. Severino, met with the State Secretary of Education of the Amazon.

Also in Teacher Education Institute Denizard Rivail was meeting with the leadership and pedagogical coordinators, aiming to find ways to make the program inserted in all school activities. At that moment the coordinators reported that they already started the practice of sitting quietly with the classes, with good results.

In March 24/97, Professor Manoel phoned the Centre communicating that Educandário Spiritualist St. Augustine, just as seen in the video of the Sathya Sai School of Zambia, has started its activities with a Morning Assembly, where 240 students sitting adapted for this purpose in a floor, singing inspirational songs. The result was surprising, says Professor Manoel. Students come to stay calm, focused and calm in the classroom. The atmosphere of the school was transformed.

Salvador - Bahia

Coordinated by Prof. José Augusto Guimarães, the Sathya Sai Education Program in Human Values was presented to the faculty of the Catholic Faculty of Economic Sciences of Bahia, in lectures held on 18 and 19 February de1997 at night.

At the request of Professor José Augusto de Bahia presentation was done by computer, using modern multimedia resources that the institution has.

Attended the first lecture as a guest, Mr. José Augusto Leite, chairman of ABAP, which is hosting a seminar for entrepreneurs in São Paulo, which participate Jack Hawley, author of Reawakening the Spirit at Work.

The second lecture was attended by the Chief Judge Maria Eleonora Cajahyba that - to have witnessed an event where 6,000 Indian teachers deepened in teaching program Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, held in Brindavan, India - gave a testimony about teachings of Sathya Sai Baba on Education.

On days 20 to 22 February, with a workload of 20 hours, the Seminar for College Teachers of Francis of Assisi, coordinated by Professor Juliet Fahel Guimarães. On the last day, each of the five groups of teachers did a dramatization in order to pass a lesson in human values. Teachers, since December / 96, were already being prepared for this event by Professor Juliet and Professor José Augusto, who have spared no effort to make the ideal of education for the whole man is established in the College Francis of Assisi.

In view of happy submission to the faculty of the School, a High Court judge Eleonora was invited to make the closing speech of the seminar.

Finally, with moving words, Professor José Augusto invited all teachers to form a genuine core center Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in Bahia, in order to participate in the dissemination of the Sathya Sai EHV program statewide. Some teachers were touched by the inspired words of Professor José Augusto and proposed to meet weekly to deepen in the study of Education in Human Values.

Taking advantage of the trip to Salvador, accompanied by Professor José Augusto, Professor Juliet and the High Court judge Eleonora, met with the State Secretary of Education.

Seminar in do Rio Preto (SP)

Professor Louis Gentil de Faria, Municipal Secretary of Education, gave the welcome to the 112 participants of the workshop on Program Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, which was held from 15th to 17th to July 1997.

The event was held at the Automobile Club lounge. The Mokiti Okada Foundation (Messianity) actively contributed to the seminar was held, as several members of this organization have worked hard to achieve the seminar. The support that the Foundation was total: worked in reception, dissemination and beautification of the workshop environment with beautiful ikebana arrangements. The last day was devoted to the practice of teaching. Each of the five groups presented a complete lesson, including drama. The report by a TV channel has come at the right moment in which one group was presented with a very creative dramatization.

In closing, the participants made a beautiful tribute to Ali Luiza R. Amantea Sabella, grateful for the tireless efforts for the seminar. Lois attended the seminar in Araxá-MG in December / 96 and said at the end: This is wonderful, I have to take these teachings of Sai Baba to my city. And it took!

Araxá MG seminar

 seminario 1997 3seminario 1997 4seminario 1997 5

A new seminar on the Sathya Sai Education Program in Human Values was held in Araxá for about 200 participants, including teachers of municipal, state and private schools in the International Club Araxá hall. This event was attended by Professor Elizabeth Paiva Afonso de Oliveira, Municipal Secretary of Education.

The members of the Guardian Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (From left to right: Elizabeth Paiva Afonso de Oliveira, Alda heck Magalhães, Gonçalo Vicente de Medeiros, Mary Help of C. Barbosa, Rosangela Fontana, Vivian Gonçalves de Freitas Borges and Fields Beatriz da Costa Gomide pains) again worked tirelessly for the realization and the brightness of this new event.

The basic concepts were given on days 19 and 20 September 1997. The 21 day was entirely devoted to the presentation of groups, drama lesson on human values extracted from the book "Sathya Sai - Education in Human Values - A Teacher's Guide" now with graphic print. The groups were very creative and so much applauded.

Introduced in this seminar presentation of the individual teacher merging human values with the content of your material. The individual presentations were also successful, but the highlight came to Prof. Borges Alberto Parreira, who in a physical education class, demonstrated what should be done to get rid of anger immediately. Received a standing ovation!

Some teachers expressed their intention to further deepen the study of Education in Human Rights, Values and therefore took the initiative to regroup for future meetings to exchange experiences.

The event was publicized in the local press plus a live interview on time integration of TV news, local Globo TV.

The Municipality of Araxá, by Proposition Councilman Alberto Parreira Borges, sent us congratulatory votes for the seminar in craft 341/97 of 29/9/97, signed by its president and secretary, respectively councilors Jairo Savio Borges Rosa and Helena Vilaca de Abreu.

Seminar in Uberlândia-MG

seminario 1997 6seminario 1997 7seminario 1997 8

23 to September 26/97, two seminars on Sathya Sai Education Program in Human Values were performed in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais), with 900 participants including teachers and school officials appointed by the Municipal Department of Education, each with charge time 16 hours.

In both seminars was the very active participation of the teacher Eloah Marisa de Menezes, director of the Municipal CEMEPE-Centre for Educational Studies and Projects Juliet Diniz.

Either the first or the second workshop, the groups presented a lesson on human values based on one of the lessons of the book Education in Human Values. Individual presentations were also successful. Stood out in individual presentations, 1) Marilene professor of Portuguese, which was already mixing their classes with EVH since participating in the seminar EVH in 1996, the College Mondragon; 2) Lourival Professor of Mathematics, which quantified in real, the violence of food waste in a city like Uberlândia; and finally, 3) to Fatima, Mathematics teacher, who also was already applying human values to their classes, showed how attention, concentration and perception can be developed for mathematics.

The event was well publicized. Left a significant news in "The City", the official journal of Uberlândia, and "The Mail". There was also coverage by TV Bandeirantes and two interviews on TV channel integration, local Globo TV.

Uberlândia - Minas Gerais

seminario 1997 9

We conducted two new seminars in Uberlândia, the first on June 15 and December 16, 1997, in the auditorium of SESI, for MEI Module (Early Childhood Education) and Educational Daycare Teacher Edna Aparecida de Oliveira, and the second on 17 and 18, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine of the UFU to 5 local schools.

The opening was performed by Professor ELOAH MARISA DE Menezes, director of CEMEPE - Municipal Center for Educational Studies and Projects.

Was an original seminar. It is known that the Sathya Sai Education Program in Human Values is basically applied to children as young as seven years old.

In Brazil, however, is the responsibility of municipalities, according to the Law of Guidelines and Bases of Education, meet children aged 0-3 years in kindergartens, and 4-6 years in pre-schools called Education child.

Because of this, we conducted a unique workshop focused solely on understanding by teachers, their role in shaping the personality of children that level.

We often hear teachers complaining about how parents raise their children, attributing much of the inappropriate behavior of the child to family problems.

The seminar sought to show that, despite all kinds of difficulties that the child may find in the home, the teacher can, especially with your example, passing the values involving human affection (affection, tenderness, sweetness, lovingness, sympathy, attention with each other) and they are expressed by the physical action, such as personal hygiene, respect, love for parents, discipline, gratitude, etc.

Only the technique of sitting in silence was applied to teachers, aiming to get them to experience the universal love. We give what we have inside of us, so the experience for the teacher to be trained to pass the disinterested love for his class is required.

There was already a project underway at the MEI, authored the teachers Denise and Irene, who seeks to pass the Human Values observing the level of learning of every age. Below reprinted the letter we received from teachers and Denise Irene, passing in the commitment of the leadership, faculty and all staff in the MEI training of children:

"Module Childhood Education.

Hon. Mr. Goncalo,

Sent here from one Data Display plans to work as human values to our children 0-6 years at MEI, Early Childhood Education Module, always observing the learning level of each age, seeking to use strategies and teaching resources according to the reality of class to be imaged.

We started the project in February HOUR SPECIAL 97 with the aim to awaken and develop in children the feelings of: love, peace, respect, loyalty, honesty, cooperation, companionship, friendship, kindness, inner beauty, affection, gratitude, honesty, humility , meekness, obedience, patience, responsibility, unity, forgiveness and / or others.

A SPECIAL TIME is a specialized lesson lasting 40 minutes in each room, with the participation of Regents classes of teachers, with the aim of permeating the concepts developed in their school classes.

We performed a review of the first half with the teachers and had a good result, which reported that students improved their socialization toward each other in the conduct in the classroom and at home with his family.

We know that God has done wonders in the life of the whole school, because He has given us wisdom and discernment to provide these small creatures living of values aimed for Peace, Love, Non-Violence, Justice and Truth. With so hopefully when they are 'big' will face a very different life, with better security, respect and dignity manner.

Teachers: Denise Galante Coimbra and Irene Ferreira Batista "

seminario 1997 10

The teacher ELOAH MARISA DE Menezes, director of CEMEPE - Municipal Center for Educational Studies and Projects, gave the welcome teachers from the five schools that participated in the second workshop, held on 17 and 18 December, at the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine UFU - Federal University of Uberlândia.

The initiative to participate in this seminar was the direction of each school, and so we believe that each is an example of the application of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, encouraging other schools to follow suit.

In this seminar, unlike the first, the philosophical underpinnings of the program Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, and their application techniques were thoroughly presented to the participating teachers.

The technique of sitting in silence was applied four times. Initially seek to raise the awareness of teachers to such a level that they could experience the peace and enjoyment of the true state of tranquility. Has emphasized the experience of universal love, the contemplation and enjoyment of light emanating from the divine spark that exists in the heart of every human being in the next two experiments.

The last experience to be lived by teachers was a joy. The question posed to the audience was: what color of joy? Where the energy of joy is located? Joy depends on external conditions, or it results from a state of inner spirit?

It was a joy to see that most participants were able to feel true joy, and tell their color.

We wait could visit each of the schools in the near future and see the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values applied in each classroom.

The seminars brought together 227 participants.


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