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Seminars 1996


Araxa - Minas Gerais

"The awakening of love for yourself and others." This was the central theme of the Seminar Program on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, held in Araxa-MG in 13 to December 15, 1996, with 20 hours of workload.

The following entities are participating in the event:

- Guardian Council of the Rights of the Child and Adolescent
- Inspectorate of Education - Uberaba
- Inspectorate of Education - Araxa
- Dental Services City Hall
- Creche Magdalene Lemos
- College Delfim Moreira
- College Aracy Pedrelina Lima
- Creche Azalia Guimarães
- Municipal School Dona Gabriela
- Radio City
- Painting the Seven Children's Institute
- Core Education Monteiro Lobato
- Multipurpose School
- State School Leah Salgado
- State Cel School. José Adolfo de Aguiar
- State School Lumza O. Faria
- Escola Estadual Padre Anacleto Giraldi
- State School Nica de Paula Pratinha
- Escola Estadual Padre Joco Botelho
- State School Rotary
- State School Vasco dos Santos
- Dr. Eduardo State School Montandon
- State School Armando Santos

Participants from other locations: Uberlândia-MG, Uberaba-MG, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and São José do Rio Preto-SP

During the seminar, then we apply the technique of Sitting in Silence for the awakening of love for yourself and others. The energy of universal love was becoming powerful in the environment and cause changes in the hearts of all. On the afternoon of the 14th, when the last group of teachers completed the submission of a complete exercise class EVH, the loveliness among participants was such that at least half of those present in the audience cried, thrilled with the new inner reality.

All express beauty in the face, look at the loveliness and grateful hearts for having rediscovered universal love. Love your neighbor as yourself! Now could be practiced because each had actual experience of what it is to love! How Sathya Sai Baba says: be first, second practice, and then say.

On the morning of Sunday 15th, with 110 teachers gifts, we formed four groups for the purpose of developing the following proposals:

1- Promote the integration of all segments of the community Araxa and stimulate the feeling of solidarity.

2- Improving the quality of life of people.

3- The search for tools to reduce violence.

4- Implementation of an education system that reflects the academic, human and environmental excellence.


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