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Rio Bananal (ES)
Civic Parade 2014 with the theme Human Values
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In Espírito Santo, reports
of transforming experiences Valores Humanos - Succesful Cases!

Espírito Santo was the most fertile state for the growth of the project for Education in Human Values. The first experiment occurred in the public education system in various towns in the State. With little delay, EVH and its properties advanced, won new spaces, gained supporters.
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What is EHV?

We are all born in unity, full of love, happiness and solidarity. Formal education, in the family and in the classroom, does not focus on love itself as a priority. Nor the love of your neighbor. At the start of school life, children start to be compared to one another in a cruel way....

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Who are we?

The Instituto de Educação em Valores Humanos (Institute for Education in Human Values) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in April 1993, with the objective of divulging this new vision of education, which prepares the student for life. In Brazil, it has graduated more than 35,000 people during its 20 years of existence....

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Why are we here?

Primarily to show you the principles of Education in Human Values, as well as the positive results already obtained in projects developed in partnership with teaching networks, institutions, private companies and public administrations in various states of Brazil...

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Education in Human Values

Previous Events

  • Seminars 2004
    Collaborating with Peirópolis Foundation, presents the fundamental principles of Education in Human Values for the basic course organized by this… Read more...
  • Seminars 2003
    We performed, on 5 and 6 February, training Education in Human Values for the faculty of the College Immaculate Heart… Read more...
  • Seminars 2002
    On 3 and 4 March 2002, was held the Second Seminar on Education in Human Values in Palotina-PR, whose images… Read more...

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